My Sologamy Vow Renewal

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On May 18th I led a flash mob through Brighton and renewed my sologamy vows on the beach, to mark my four year self-wedding anniversary and the launch of my novel on self love – Reader, I Married Me. I … Continued

Why Aren’t Spinsters Eligible?

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At what age does an unmarried, single woman officially become a spinster – 40, 50? These days women certainly take longer to tie the knot than in medieval times, when the term ‘spinster’ was first coined. Back then, marriage was … Continued

Meet The Man Who Married Himself

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Meet Ru, the guy I dated last year… On our first date I told Ru that I’d married myself because, y’know, it’s good to get these things out in the open. To my delight his reaction was encouragingly positive; sometimes the … Continued